Um Waiter Theres a Soup on my Fly

imjohnboc on March 17, 2008

This is the first comic strip I ever did and also my first experience with Photoshop … ever. I posted it October 29, 2007 and have been updating 3 times a week ever since. I put blogs up for each one I put up too. The comic started on Myspace actually and I'll put up the comic's profile as a link but here's the first page.

and the first blog…

So this is the first comic I've actually finished starting…. I've had the idea for while. This was to get my feet wet in photo shop and start learning how to clean up an image ink color yadda yadda. Aaron helped an assload. I pretty much asked him how to do whatever every 5 minutes or so for the first day…. and the second and now it's done.

This was actually based off of a conversation he and I were having a couple days ago via IM. I was starting the concept art for the comic and I decided to do a mini of it.

Now here it is. Show me some love as there are many, many more to come.