The Presentation

Dooby on Aug. 4, 2007

Hi all,

Welcome to our new comic “Arnon Bezalel”!

Yeah, I know it's a weird name… it's translated from Hebrew, but guess what, it sounds weird in Hebrew too :)

The original Hebrew version can be found at:

In this expositionary page we are introduced to the young go-getting Hi-Tech wiz Arnon Bezalel delivering a presentation in a cosmetics company.

Enjoy Reading!

The Comic was written by Dooby Harvey & Dvir Tzur
And Illustarted and Translated by Dooby Harvey.

I hope to update both the Hebrew and English versions about twice a week.

A couple of notes about the translation:

1) Hebrew is generally composed of much shorter sentences than English, so I had a hard time fitting the English text into the speech bubbles. So I apologize if the text doesn't always fit well.

2) Hebrew is written left to write, so I had to create a “mirror image” of each page – this can cause some weird things like people wearing watches on the wrong hand, or other phenomena. If there is text in the background (like in this page), it has to be reflipped, which can also come out weird.

3) I'm aware that the text bubbles don't have any words in bold lettering, which ruins the comic feel. This is because I am using a program (GIMP) which makes adding bold words in the middle of a sentence a little difficult, and I've decided not to spend my time on this right now. If anybody would like to assist me in this I would be delighted.