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ArtificesKnightspr on Oct. 21, 2009

Greeting Comic book freaks. Mi name in Julian, I'm here representing our new group Artifice's Knights in To present to u our comic book Artifice. Our good friend Rigs recommend us this website to post comic books and as far i have heard its gone very popular for many readers.

This is one of the 28 pages of our second comic book Artifice #2, our first issue its already sold in Puerto rico. This is a short summary of the story:

Dr. Jones a scientist who works for one of the biggest criminal boss in the city lose a chemical that can regenerate tissue, but by a short mistake, his chemical goes down the water pipe system and reaches the accident area where Alonso, a college professor, finds himself in the wrong place at the right time, where he is badly wounded. And it is from that accident that rises the best hero of all times: Artifice.

Available for sale at (Spanish version)