Hate The Lazy Abstract

Radmetalmonk on Sept. 5, 2007

Back again to the duck. This time I'm doing things quite different. My previous 3 comics are more or less dead. I'll leave them up for your view pleasure. However, that doesn't mean they're gone forever. I may do soda slam segments here, or even animations.

The title “Ask Yourself” comes from my solo music projects. (Name from actually a now kinda dead belief of mine, which was ask yourself first. Believe yourself. Be no one else. Things like that, I'll put a much more in-depth description later…like it really matters).

I'll upload some tracks next time I record, I doubt I'll put any old ones up. I hate em'. But expect a good deal of stuffs.

For people who know and actually care (rare?), I'm now a full time college student, living with my roommate in the largest city in the state of kansas (*cough* that's not saying much). Much different then before. I now work as a cook at a non-cooperate restaurant, making not so much money with not so much hours, so I'm dead poor. Blah blah blah. I'm a bit less cynical and a lot more open minded now, so I'll probably suck at life on these comics.

Enough of that banter. This first random 10 minute sketch is Jazz crooner kinda guy pointing a gun at my first attempt at drawing a cat. It looked shitty, so I made it's eyes red. I don't know why he's clinching his fist in a weird position, and nor do I care. This is really just a filler, as I'll update tomorrow hopefully (which is in one hour, so probably in an hour before I go to bed so I can get to class early tomorrow mourning).

Long mother fucking story short, I'm back and hooray for black coffee, sex, alcohol, and love.