Portraits of ruin

Avarail on Nov. 23, 2011

The many faces of Raymond Hiedler's institute for Evil. A list of our dudes follows as the photos of them were taken.
Muffinman - age 58
Mckee - age 65
Ira - age 34
Raymond - age 24
Scildecido - age 18
So, Scildecido is practically one of my five or so names. Maybe it's three, I dunno, I can't remember them all all the time. I pronounce it, Sil - de - si - do. Whether or not I am right or wrong about this, I am right and everyone else is wrong to tell me otherwise, wahahha! If you google the name, all the searches will probably pertain to me….except that myspace crap, that stuff's terrible. Regardless, Scil is very important to me among other things. And yet the irony is you won't probably see her for a long time, Ya-ha!