MAG-ISA CHAR DESIGNS: Claudita and Fr. Penafrancia

kyupol on Aug. 22, 2007

NOTES ON PAGE (and rant as well)

More char design for MAG-ISA while I'm at it. :)

Claudita - no need for introductions. You've seen her in BK. She's back. With a different outfit and MORE restrictions. :(

Fr. Jose Penafrancia - A Catholic Priest who was once a Philippine Scout Ranger. (Scout Rangers are the Philippine Special Forces. Your equivalent of USA Delta Force, UK SAS, Iranian Revolutionary Guard, etc…)

Speaking of Scout Rangers… I heard that the Philippine government has sent about a hundred of them to Mindanao in a new offensive against the Abu Sayaff (an al-quaeda linked islamic extremist group) and MILF (separatist but not al-quaeda linked).

Because fucking Abu Sayaff has killed 24 of our marines…

The Scout-Rangers are better-trained and better-equipped… so Abu-Sayaff and MILF should just run and hide… for their own safety.

Anyway, I also wish that this unnecessary bloodshed in the south (Mindanao) will stop. Because this conflict drains the Philippine economy… as the military expenses could have been used for other things like a healthcare system or housing or free vocational job-training programs for the unemployed and poor.

Also… the military resources can be more focused in defending the country from external threats. Like developing nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, as well as long range missiles. As China is an external threat and we need a deterrent against them. The only deterrent we have is the military alliance with USA and Japan. But relations might change in the future thats why its best to have self-reliance.