Epilogue_Page8 [[[THE END!!!]]]

kyupol on July 3, 2006

Yep… thats it… the end of this comic.

What can I say? Its been 3 long years since I started this comic. It seemed so short… and when I stare at my old pages, it brings some nostalgia.

Not only do I remember drawing them, but I also remember events in my life happening around me when I was drawing them. Was it winter? was it summer? was it fall? were there final exams goin on? Even the shit I did with my ex-girlfriend… I suddenly remember when I look at my old pages.

I'd also like to thank everyone who supported this comic. You guys (and gals… I noticed pretty even distribution of readers here) somewhat motivated me to keep goin on with this comic.

Thanks also for the critics of this comic… hopefully I'd take your suggestions and use em to improve the next comic.

At least I became a little “celebrity” online cuz of this comic. Cuz in real life I aint no fuckin celebrity and I'm mostly alone.

Anyway, enough of my little personal drama… The sequel to this I'm still workin on a few inconsistencies and polishing the script. And most of the time I'd be working my FT job or hangin out at the gym gettin in shape and learning how to fight. I'm a small asian guy and I have every reason in the world to learn how to fight properly. It sux to be the small guy cuz people are more likely to give you shit than your 6"5 250 lb counterparts.

The sequel would prolly take a few years of my life… but I'd still keep pourin out other shit too… maybe another BK sequel or a completely new storyline with completely different everythin. We'll see how it goes…

Again, thanks for givin me your attention. I'm somewhat an attention whore (all webcomickers are!!! one way or another…) lol… :)