Brink - 1

Skulldog on July 10, 2006

So here I am again, starting a comic on Drunk Duck. Some of you might remember, ‘Fox’s Game' my last try at this before DD went boom.

New comic this time, something I started writing about five years ago, and always wanted to continue. I've been overly inspired by hanging around webcomic artists at Anime Expo, and sat down for a day and drew out eight pages. Jen, the creators of ‘Two Moons’ here on DD, challanged me to post what I has done, so I am. I'm a webcomic artist again!

BRINK is a bit on the violent and profane side, maybe not so far as to say 18+, but at least 13+.

Update time table? Maybe twice a week, as I can get to it. Will BRINK stay in full color? Who knows. For now it will be.