BGH#453 It's A Red Shirt Now

theRedDeath on March 22, 2010

Man, I don't even know where to start. First off, the comic page itself.

Wow, this one was brutal. But beyond the shocking violence in this page (and believe me, it's only going to get worse) there's a couple revelations here. First, Black Blackness and Alpha Female were a couple, and Two, Dan didn't really get his powers from “Superman”. What all this means and it's significance will be explained later in another story.

Okay, as for the real-world stuff:

Last week I had to go to St. Louis for a friend's wedding (More on that later), and that's partially why there was a break in updates. The other reason being the specific content of the page.

I've pretty much written BGH to it's conclusion, and the art for this page was done nearly two weeks ago. But for the longest time I just sat on it, because I worried it was pushing things just too far. Not only is it incredibly violent, but the violence is framed with a racist comment. And even though the comment is more a joke at the expense of film, and not really derogatory towards black people…the fact that it's said while a white character is violently killing a black character makes it obviously really sensitive. I wasn't sure if I could really go through with putting it up.

But eventually I decided to go ahead with it, come what may. I do want to say though, as cheesy as it sounds, that I don't intend to offend anyone. And if anyone is offended, I apologize in advance.

As for the other reason for the delay, the wedding I had to go to. It was for a really great friend of mine from college, and he's a great guy and I was honored to be invited and to attend. So that was 4-ish days spent in Missouri.

However, he was a mutual friend with many of the people I had that extreme falling out with so many years ago. Long time readers may remember my talking about that. And those people attended the wedding as well.

Now, in a perfect world, we would have all put the past behind us and got along just fine. Sadly, that wasn't the case. The animosity some of them still shared for me was palpable. I wanted to approach or confront them, or whatever, (maybe even discover that it was all just in my imagination, as my girlfriend pointed out) but the last thing I wanted to do was cause any kind of drama on my good friend's wedding day.

So needless to say, the whole thing was a little awkward (Thankfully, there were no assigned seating at the reception), and a real trip down memory lane. Even though it's been a few years since that time, the memory of it still bites at me and affected my willingness to jump back into BGH.

But, i'm still happy I attended, and I wish Mark all the happiness in the world.