Front Page (Chapter 001 Page)

auto pilot on June 29, 2006

Excellent, finally some vein of sanity after all this mucking around trying to figure out how the hell I get a website, put up the pages, figure out links… hell. It has literally been –hell-.

First of all, because I actually… suck. No, really.
And it hasn’t been helpful the fact I only have limited amounts of time on the computer recently (family issues – bah) and the fact that Auto has been away… damn that girl. I wish –I- could have gone to Mexico.

Anyway, screw this… I’m just happy I managed this far. Though layout has gone to boot… bah. I'll edit later.

This is actually a pretty socially unacceptable, mature audience required, sad, and disgusting comic… but, Auto and me, (or Auto and I… ah, whatever) are actually pretty hyper people. Screwed up, certainly. But mental in a –GOOD- way! ^^

So when she gets back, we’ll go crazy hyper sugar beans with these artist comments… because…
well, flatly – because we can.