Need To Draw

theJimmy on May 3, 2012

This weekend is pretty damn busy.

Tonight I'm watching the Avengers at a midnight screening.

Then, as the comic says, I'm going to be in an art gallery.
My piece is called “A Week of Yesterday”. I'm going to be drawing comics
based on my memories from senior prom that will be posted May 6th - May
I'm actually going to be hooking up a projector to my laptop so people can watch my photoshop work.
Hopefully people find that entertaining.

It should be fun.

On Saturday, I'm going to have a table at the best Free Comic Book Day celebration on the west coast.
If you have the means to get to our party at 4 Color Fantasies, I highly recommend joining us.

Then on Sunday I'm going to rest.

Or go to Disneyland.

Depends on how tired I am.