Big Dumb Bird

theJimmy on Jan. 27, 2012

I heard this big thud from outside and rushed to see what it was.
And sitting, dazed and confused, in the bushes beneath my window was a big pigeon.
My first thought was to call Amanda.
She loves animals and what not, so maybe she knew some sort of organization to reach.
Maybe like a free pest-control service or something.
She said that I should bring it inside so it doesn't get cold.
I let her know that touching the bird wasn't going to happen.
Then she mentioned calling the animal shelter.
Which I was cool about doing.
If they want to save the pigeon from freezing, they could touch it.
But she informed me that I might not even have to do that.
The bird might just need a few minutes to gather its thoughts and fly away.
She was right.