Issue 022

King Greyhat on Nov. 20, 2007

What the fuck? A new issue? And you thought BWB was dead. TISK TISK.

Man life has been busy, Well, that is except for right now. The immense wave of boredom finally got to me and I made a new issue complaining about how boring my situation is. If they ever put fun in a plant, it'd be weed. I even nicknamed my bubbler “The Time Machine”. So'z I'm lacking weed and I've already beaten killzone a thousand times now. What next? Where's the goddang entertainment??

You know, sometimes I honestly run too low on text space in my comic to give my full opinion on it. Expect another issue once I'm driving a flying car in THE DISTANT FUTURE OF TWO THOUSAND EEEIIIIGHT! *Echo*
-The King