Sharp shooter.

Toshubi on June 10, 2011

Orochi is a sniper and one of the best the Feline Empire has to offer. He can do some of the most difficult shots from some of the most difficult positions but there is a trade off, he needs a few seconds to line up his shot. Also, Orochi's bow is much tighter and has a higher draw strength that the troop archers so the arrows travel faster and fly farther.

Noname is a troop archer, he is also one of the top ranked bowfurrs in the Feline Empire. While Noname may not be able to do trick shots or fire from odd positions very well, his rate of fire is higher and his aim time is nearly instantanious! And Noname has one last edge over the sniper, his quiver holds more arrows.

So in retrospect, what we have here is a Dragonov sniper rifle VS an AK-47 machine gun. Depending on the combat situation will depend on what weapon will be best suited for the mission.