It's magic, you know

Luccia on Nov. 30, 2016

My Techniplex pages haven't been coming out the way I want them to. Maybe it's because I have this comic on the brain and I'm so close to reaching a certain point in this story that I can't focus on the other one until I reach it. I don't want to force a page if I don't have to, so I'll be working on this comic until I can manage to get a TP page past the planning stage.

@fallopiancrusader: So true. Especially for the sentimental minded. You want to hold to that thing that you associate with that person or event for as long as you can, but it's not that person or event.
@jerrie: Me too
@Peipei: Thank you! And yeah. Her day got much worse.
@ghostrunner: Thanks! =D