96: Look who's back

BraveNewWorld on March 8, 2015

I am making my page widths a bit smaller to see if they are easier to read.  If for any reason you guys can't read the speech bubbles at this size, please let me know and I will enlarge.  It is so funny that as soon as I made Drunk Duck the main site for BNW - all the scammers which posted on my own site came here too - see: all the anonymous posts in the last update.  Does anybody know how to bar people for posting anonymously? In other ‘news’ - I am going to Germany next week for the weekend, so I will not update.  I am meeting up with my dad there which makes me happy, as I haven't seen him since June last year when they visited us.  I am also playing the Last of Us right now on PS4 - man, pretty cool game.  I am not that far yet, so don't spoil anything - but did you guys enjoy the game?  Anyway, that's me - let me know what you think of today's update.  THANKS!