Chapter 4 pg 11 - Mew!

ShadowsMyst on May 25, 2011

I've been having some serious issues with DD lately and its become increasingly difficult for me to update here because of load issues with the site. My efforts to try to solve some of the issues on my end ( limiting scripts and such) kinda ends up breaking parts of the site. SO for those of you frustrated with lack of updates on DD, I will remind you that I have a main site that I do update in advance of this site. If you go there now, if you've never been there, you'll find some extra pages. I do *try* to update every other week, but I am trying right now to get ready for the Shifters Launch in less than two weeks, and I'm working on the Brymstone Graphic Novel I'm prepping for print, so I'm struggling a bit. Not to mention I've been suffering exhaustion and still having figured out medically what's causing it. Hooray for medical testing!

On the main site I have added a progress bar, so if you want to know where the new page is at, go ahead and check the main site. I also Livestream every Wed at 9pm PDT for Brymstone comics specifically, so if you want to check up on me, ask me questions, or bitch at me, do come by. There is also a facebook page where I post update notices and livestream notices, so if you want to get notified, please ‘like’ the page.