Fang by Chris McJunkin and Me

spacehamster on March 21, 2012

Remember two weeks ago when I said this wasn't gonna be like last time? It really isn't, I swears. Anyway, lineart by Chris McJunkin, who has drawn plenty of other fillers that have appeared here and can be found at Check him out, and get a commission from him because he's a good dude and a great artist.
The honest truth is, I should've planned it so I don't have to draw any pages in March. I won't bore you with the details, but my dayjob gets completely crazy this time every year, and I should've just announced a month-long downtime, which is happening now anyway, instead of pretending I can pull through somehow.
So sorry for the BS, but then again, if you're a long-time Bulletproof reader, you're used to it by now. Anybody wants to hook me up with a sugar mama so I don't have to work anymore and I can just do this all day long, send me a PQ. ;-)