Bad Case Of The Mondays

couchpotatoes on March 25, 2007

I present to you the first strip of the new all about Pop Culture comic, COUCH POTATOES… JB and Kat are a couple whose relationship grows stronger because they both understand the importance of Pop Culture in their lives. But of course who is to say that people should accept Pop Culture as what it is, so here you will find the interpretation of everything from TV, Movies, Music, Video Games, Comics, Books from the minds of two sarcastic, cynical, random, witty people around.

This season on network TV it seems that the most coveted spot is 9pm on Mondays… Heroes, 24, the Riches, Dancing with the Stars, WWE Raw… too many shows are going on at the same time and even if you have a DV-R you still have to make that choice come Monday night at 9pm, which one will you watch so you can talk about it the next day at the water cooler? Read on and let's see what JB and Kat have done to get rid of this problem.