CVD info card 8 - Juste Belmont

Castle Pokemetroid on July 29, 2011

Info card 8 out of 16. Halfway through my entire planned deck.

All 16 cards have already been made.

Just so you know, plot wise, Soma has already seen all 16 cards, back when those other seven were posted.

However, you as the reader, have only seen the seven so far. I don't want to reveal these cards until the character themselves have showed up in the comic for more than three or so pages. Until they get enough dialogue, or something like that.

Anyways, this is Juste, the only hunter who can use lone dual techs.

Not even Julius at triple S status can do that. Then again, Julius at triple S status can use normal skills that is far more powerful than Juste's dual techs.

Juste can only get up to an A rank power at his best. Most of the time, he's just a C rank fighter.