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Iah Ansgar on March 24, 2008

And thats the end. Captura Magaro was a experiment into the unknown that I wrote within an hour and drew over the course of four days. Err. Doing the project made me realize a lot about my Art. Mainly what I know and what I don't know. Best believe I'll be submitting more art work, probably in better form. The next project I do will be about the same size but better I hope.

Captura showcases our character “Sven”, A name I totally stole from that godly Adonis over at Questionable Content, be transported of his own free will into the internet itself which is shown as a sprawling city. However as he can't exist in two world he dies in “Reality” thus trapping him within the net forever.

Thats the jest. Its a stupid story. I did it to see if I could actually completely a project or not and its done. As an added bonus I'm not satisfied at all so I'll improve my art and come back with something new and better.