INTERLUDE: No Comic, Have Pony.

Aaronthewolf on April 4, 2012

Yeah, I'm going to be out of commission for a while because i'm having surgery this week and naturally I've been a little all over the place and unable to get the comic done in time. I'd go in to detail, but the nature of the surgical procedure is kind of embarrassing.
I'm a fan of MLP:FIM, as you've probably gathered from my inclusion of a character thats an homage to that series in the background of more than one comic. I like the style, the writing, the voices, the animation is really good, all around it's a pretty solid show. definitely tops my list of modern cartoon favorites. That list is quite short, and gets shorter each year. Underneath that is probably Adventure Time, as it has much of the elements that made me like the cartoons of the 90's and so on. Shows like these stand out it the sea of cheap, quick, and poorly written animation like lighthouses on a moonless night. Theres so many cheaply made shows put together with flash and 3d modeling these days that have poor animation, or the concept is awful, or the story is…well there is none. Thanks to the ease of flash shortcuts, as well as 3D being able to allow you to have a character designed for every frame it makes it cheaper than ever to produce stuff on the fly. So networks pay the lowest cost, and the animation teams slop together some mess that makes you want to retch like Johnny test. But the real problem isn't the animation, animation doesn't have to be perfect if the content is good. This issue here is that todays animation lacks “soul”, and thanks to ease of use programs, many more cheap shows can be produced quickly.
It's like people complaining about shovelware on the Wii, the only reason that there is so much more shovelware on the Wii than the other systems is that it's easier to build for than the others. Shows like Adventure Time and MLP give me hope however that 2-D and quality story telling haven't completely died out, and maybe within the next few years we'll see a resurgence. Hey I can dream can't I?
P.S. Fluttershy is the best pony! See ya next week!