cdmalcolm1 on Dec. 10, 2014

At first, I could not figure out how he
should look. I wanted at first like a mystic type with long ass hair
or something. So I began drawing the body and started thinking about
his powers and being a cocky superhero that feels no one can touch
him.  (But his is not an asshole type, just a knows his craft.) 
so anyways, I began design him half way done and I came up with
molded magical gems on different parts of his body. 

His natural powers is to open small pocket universes. just enough to hide a building.  So he becamea magician. Until one day he discovered very old blueish black gems.
As he pick one up, his powers opened a rift in space time and saw
another universe. It started to suck him in until he dropped it. It
closed quickly. He thought that was amazing. Using a bag as gloves to
pick up the remain stones, he raced home, gathered information about
the stones and how to mold it. During that time he learned to control
the open gates. However, he could not figure out how to return to the
same holes he has already opened. So he practiced on how to open his
pocket universe while touching the gems and mastered it. He later
discovered Leonardo Da Vinci's drawings to witchcraft circles. And
came up with a way to make circles in the air instead of on the
floor. Combining this with his power and the careful placement of
the gems on his body made him very powerful in almost overnight. Bad
guys truly feared him and named him “Deaths hand”. He became a
very powerful wizard in modern times. Still mostly magic, his
natural powers made him practice his magic in his pocket universe so
no harm can come to anyone around. He got great at it. Until one
day he open a universe that hold a particle that does very strange
things to humans and his gates that he opens. He discovered a stable
gateway to a few universes that contain this very particle. He could
then finally visit these places and safely return home. That made him
almost god like to those who saw him using his powers and returning with objects that helped the sick.  shortly after, He named himself Voltfor.