Samrick's Offer

Amelius on Aug. 30, 2015

Answering questions/comments from previous page because why not!
@ KingZombie999: Ilgram appreciates the applause for his sense of style! (◕ᵕ◕)
@ Kou the Mad: I can say with perhaps a small risk of spoiler that Samrick does not intend to conquer the humans, as there's more disadavantages to that than advantages. His comment about the territory growing will make sense soon. (⌒‿⌒) But Samrick's already got his hands full managing all these kingdoms and alliances as it is, he doesn't fancy adding another one! Plus he has an agreement with the “King” of Kellwood City. (のεの) (Kellwood Forest refers to the expanse of his territory, City to where the humans dwell)