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Amelius on April 21, 2017

Attempting to reconnect…
Well, seems like an Orrotta Elite Vampire works differently from a (human) Elite Vampire, huh! Avonlea has a little bit of something else going on for her though as well. If you wonder why she's been so hellbent on screwing things up for Zeno, she did offer a little insight on that when we last met her…
But she hates Anh Keth and Scotodino in equal measure. She professes her faith to Orzzoren in public but… that is obviously not where her loyalty lies! (Hah, if someone was reading this for the first time, this all sounds like a load of gibberish!)

A refresher:

Anh Keth- what Mr. Chavez (older Zeno from a dead timeline) claims Elites really are. Supposedly at war with Scotodino in their home dimension.

Scotodino- Demony looking fellas with horns and bat-like wings.

Orzzoren (Wheel of Souls)- Mysterious entity worshiped by the Scotodino, referred by Chavez as a “demiurge” for lack of a better term.

Orrotta- Race of homunculus with powerful gems containing their souls, made by the Scotodino long ago to serve and preserve their culture and history. Currently, no longer serving but running things in Zoren tribe.