Sharp-Edged Wit

Amelius on Aug. 4, 2017

Hey, don't hold back if you have any questions about the story that I can answer spoiler-free! I understand that as the author, I know where everything is going already and how it ties together, but if I'm leaving anyone behind here I'm always willing to offer up a recap. I find answering questions to be incredibly helpful for planning out how I present the following arcs and where to put the focus– I don't change what's set in stone already (there's a LOT to cover) but I will try to make things a little more clear in future updates.

In regards to this arc; since Sadick's arrival in the story about some 800 or so pages ago, he's been looking for his sister who is living at the cabin currently. She stole something important- The Orb Of Winter. It's taken the form of a small animal Fay is treating like a pet. The disgraced Elf Prince Sadick has been posing as a mere detective tracking her down– he left Eldenlon (Elf Kingdom) for the Demon Kingdom after hearing she was seen with some demons.(Here's a little inside hint, those demons were NOT Hex and Tony, Hex could pass for a Demon if they never saw a zombie before but an Elf would not mistake an Alp for anything other than an Elf, Dwarf or Goblin) Most of Sadick's story has been an exploration of the Demon Kingdom– the Wilds,the denizens, the Demon Market, and now Castle Samrick. His father the King wants this Orb and Princess fiasco taken care of quietly, because if anyone else finds out it's missing (unfortunately for Fay, recovering the Orb is more important than recovering her…)it will be disastrous for the Elf Kingdom. Without spoiling too much, it is the symbol of the King's right to rule Eldenlon… and right now it's sleeping on a cot in Charby's cave-basement, far far North-West of where it should be! Samrick is the only other soul who knows, because he gifted that very orb to the first Elf King and can see through its disguise as easily as he saw through Sadick every time they met.
Also, there's no such thing as a dropped plot thread here. Some past events are coming home to roost, and thanks to his new position Sadick is going to have to make some important decisions… I've already hinted at something having happened over in another character's arc… before, Sadick was a vigilante, what will he do now that he's been given the authority of the royal judge, jury and executioner? Samrick is going to be paying very close attention.