Gathering Intelligence

Amelius on Aug. 15, 2016

Now you know what his thing against antlers is, rabbits can be quite vicious on their own but Jackalopes are especially known to be aggressive enough to try and gore people. A charging, enraged Jackalope can only be taken down with a huge gun, allegedly. Kavonn has long since stopped taking his chances that it'll be a nice, calm Jackalope tumbling out of his hat this time.
I'll note that panel 3 is not the time Kavonn gave Mannick a jackalope to calm him during a freak-out, but before that. It's one of those missing episodes between what I'd posted online previously that I'll restore when I get to that point in ReVamped. It's how he knew a jackalope would calm him down though. I actually have a chart with the thumbnails for each page, indicating how many days pass between individual pages, whether only hours have passed, months, simultaneous events, indications of “the next day”, the year and when it's a full moon. It's really a crappy chart visually but it has served me well.