Up A Tree

Amelius on Feb. 24, 2015

He really forgot that he is wearing shoes and that might hinder his tree escape!
Just wanna say thanks everyone who has been commenting here, I know most of my readers have migrated to the other site but I'm glad there's still readers here.
Gonna answer a question now!
Maki-Meko, glad you have enjoyed the comic so far! To answer your question, I currently use a combo of Clip Studio paint (Manga Studio 5 EX) and Photoshop CS5. Primarily CSP with photoshop as the finisher, these last few updates were my first major attempt to use the program as I was just new to it. On this page I got into the swing of making custom brushes and spent a good few hours making all the leaf and grass brushes you can see in the final panel. It came with preset brushes that were a little similar but I never use presets when i can help it! (Gonna try and post those up somewhere so others can use them!)
I then export it over to photoshop after it's all drawn and colored to apply layer filters to adjust the saturation and lighting, because CSP has less filter options and sometimes the colors look a bit dull, so a little tweaking is neccesary to get them to be consistent with the coloring I did in photoshop on previous pages. (I'm using the same color swatches as PS as they are imported over, but the program admits it has to convert some colors)
Thanks for asking I'm always happy to answer any questions!!!

(I tried copy/pasting the screen name but it didn't paste anything at all when I wrote these notes initially, but then when the page went lives suddenly all my attempts were there and it spammed it 5 times jeez!)