You Chose a Lovely Place to Die

Amelius on March 26, 2015

Yes, even though her outfit got exploded in the back, it's being held up in the front because her chest wound has healed over the fabric that got pushed in! I mentioned on the other site that it really doesn't matter anyway because she's not really covering much, Orrotta have doll-like anatomy because they are basically homunculus. They cannot reproduce and have to be constructed by someone with the knowledge to make an Orrotta and the right kind of gem to hold their soul. But they are alive and can become undead like Avonlea here! *resists urge to gab on about Orrotta stuff* We'll find out a lot more about these creatures as things progress. I've been playing the long game here because Orrotta have been a part of this comic since the get-go! (the amount of world stuff yet to be revealed is ridiculous I tell ya!)
Wanna know a little something? I dropped a hint before but nobody's really said anything about it, but Charby and Avonlea share the same sire!

(のᵕ の) They're practically siblings if you look at it that way!