Pirate days, page 2

Amelius on Jan. 18, 2006

This one is clearly better than yesterday's yes?
OH! To everyone,I love to hear from you and I really appreciate that you take the time to type that code (possibly more than once if you're like me)
I know yesterday a few of you got the impresssion I was muting people, it wasn't me, the admins were doing a test on the new comment mute/report system and I didn't get to it until later. Believe me I was just as surprised. I didn't want anyone to get the impression that I can't take a criticism or I've suddenly become uber-sensitive about stuff (or a big snooty tryant!) and started muting youse all. I honestly feel kinda bad about it T_T
Alrighty, like I said this is gonna be every-other day (this comic was done yesterday, but not until 12 in the afternoon) because I have to stall a bit still.

And again, youse peoples are all great.