Big Darn Hero

Amelius on April 23, 2008

Hey guys, sorry again it's late.

While I appreciate you guys standing up for me, keep in mind these trolls just want you guys to come to their fake comic and retaliate to boost their page hits. They want you guys to get riled up because they think it's funny. Just ignore them, that's the best you can do for now. Obviously the warning of their comic account getting frozen, and the warnings of their own buddies aren't enough to get them to knock it the hell off, what can I say? If it gets banned, they brought it on themselves. I've tried to be as patient as possible because not everyone who does that comic is a troll.
I don't expect everyone to like my comic. I do expect them to have the brains and civilized manner to treat the members on this site with a little respect.

I'm actually glad my comic isn't #1 right now. I never thought it deserved to be there myself, and I'm sick of taking crap from people that agree with my assertion.

And as much as I enjoy the really positive comments, perhaps we should tone it down a little. I know you like the comic, and that is very comforting and encouraging, but it's far from perfect and it still has a long way to go. I'm trying very hard to make it more than someone's “guilty pleasure” in their favorite's list.