#810 Wino Tasting

Amelius on Sept. 1, 2009

Unfortunately, this is not late because I was playing any games (the store said the first but it turns out it's coming out the 4th instead)but because this page just took freakin' long because when I was using the tablet, it felt like my tendons were gonna pop off my hands like snapped piano wires so I had to give it a break. My problem really is I don't stop until things really, really hurt! And also I had some troll problems…eyeah.

And if there seems to be a passing resemblance in the way incognito Zerlocke and the wino are dressed to a certain two slackers, well…that's fully intentional! I did a bit of color changing of course, I don't want him to be too obvious a parody. Plus, he's not exactly silent either.

Oh, for you people who voted in the DD awards, the winners are being posted day-by-day here: The DD Awards!

Alrighty, and I finally updated the vote incentive again, and also…uh, I forgot what I was gonna say just now.

Yeah…anyway, the game I'm waiting for is Oboro Muramasa: The Demon Blade. Looking so forward to that still! So while the next update may be late because this one was, I'm gonna try and make sure it's on time if I can.