#812 Deal or no?

Amelius on Sept. 14, 2009

It better be a good one Zerlocke, I don't think he's thrilled so far!

A few people were wondering about why Menu isn't a vampire after making kissy-face with his vampire girlfriend Claire, well here's the quick answer: kissing doesn't send vampire drool directly into your bloodstream. Since that's basically what turns someone, he and other non-vamps can kiss all they like, it's just gonna get digested (discussing this is kinda grossing me out!) I don't want to apply too much “SCIENCE!” to a comic where magic exists, but these are the established facts so far regarding vampires in the CTVerse. Vamp drool ( a combo of an anti-coagulant and some other magical vampire mojo) in large amounts (which means a quick chomp or nip isn't going to give you any more than a sore spot) introduced to the bloodstream what ultimately turns the victim into a vampire. That, among other common ways of turning…I don't think I need to bore you with all that!

Oh, finally updated the vote incentive, it's a flat of Vic in a panel I sorta rejected for a better panel.