Amelius on April 11, 2012

Hey youseall!
Still making decent progress on the book, I'll have that 2 page preview on the way for people who donated so far to http://insanityofxade.com/gateway.php as well as some extra bonuses for those who might donate. I'm considering a PDF of the posters I did for my drives in the past, as well as some new and never released materiels. I'm trying to hunt down some more stuff to scan in the forum thread, but I can't find the stupid art! I'll have to resume the search later…
As always, discussions on story stuff are always welcome here and in the CTV forum, especially the forums if you want to actually have a conversation! It has been my absolute delight to see people delving into the plot and motivations of the characters, it really gives me hope that not everyone is just writing this off as a bunch of shallow fluff. It really reassures me when I see people actually care about the story and are thinking about it, rather than just being casual observers (which I know a LOT of people are still, which isn't bad…) and it is quite delightful when I see people come so close to figuring out some major plot stuff… which I assure you, I won't be changing just because someone figured it out like some major comics I can think of!

*Edit* Also, I made some edits! Sorry this wasn't up to par earlier! :)

*edit again!*
I took a look at this with fresh eyes and figured out a few of the problems, I think. I fixed Daray's pose in the last panel to put his far arm in a more natural position for the pose, and while I'll still defend the first panel's running pose itself (I was in cross country and have lots of running references, which I actually used for once!) I think the problem was that his near foot was smaller than the far foot, so I fixed that and hope it improves things!