Amelius on Nov. 8, 2012

It would have been funny if he didn't grab her in time and she ended up nearly ripping those donut-holders off his head! :P Alas, I did not find the time to draw that. I should have though. But I admit it would have killed the scene a little. Just a little.

Ah yes and if anyone wonders “why isn't her wand a solution?” Recall that her brother advised against it. He was fibbing of course, because he doesn't want her accidentally messing with his enchantments. Let's just say there's a GOOD reason he did that.

So hey, really really sorry if anyone came over to visit and this site was trying to shove an unwelcome advertisement down their throat trying to get them to sign up for something! I really need a good place for people to head toward when the site is acting funky like that. If there's any problems in the future, before I get the inevitable new site up that is, there's always my forum, my Tumblr (http://amy-of-darkness.tumblr.com/) where I'm trying to post more stuff, and my DA (http://amelius.deviantart.com/) which I try to check regularly. I'll try and post more interesting content so you have an actual reason to check it out if things start exploding around here again! But yeah, word I'm hearing from a lot of people is that they can't even log in and/or haven't been around DD for almost a year since the changes and all the ads. What's being done about this other than killing ads after the fact? The Getsatisfaction thread is filled with login issues and password reset failure threads. Some people who are logged in cannot leave comments. The folks behind the scenes here need to realize that a webcomic site is not a glorified photobucket… webcomic creators have certain needs for certain functions. I miss those functions, but not half as much as all the readers I've lost!