Amelius on March 14, 2013

Yiska is enjoying this waaay too much. I could have had her making a comment, but I didn't feel it was necessary. Girl, at least you have one thing in common with Tony: sitting back and observing other people's complications for your own amusement!
And yes of course she's aware Zerlocke is nuts, she just can't help herself.
He was just so eager for the opportunity to throw money at her, he nearly forgot that he had a hobo use the thing for a toilet. Yes he made him clean it as best he could, but there's just some things you can never forget! A perfectly clean bug could fall into my drink, but it's not the cleanliness of the insect that bothers me, I still wouldn't drink it! :P
Also, really glad people have been enjoying the art on these recent pages! I've been kicking myself hard to do well, and even ended up discarding a lot of panels I didn't think were good enough. It's frustrating redrawing art that I'd spent a good deal of time on already, but I think it's worth the effort in the end. I want things to look good enough that i look back on them and say “this was decent” instead of my usual “What was I trying to do here?”