A little anouncement....

AliceLovesYou on July 11, 2008

Yuukas a drama queen…… But thats beside the point.
I was thinking and well, I think I want to restart chibi. D: Why? well, mainly ‘cause when I started it I wasn’t really sure what the story was gonna be really. But now I know almost exactly what I want to do with the story and it's far from the original idea. D: And since I like my new idea better, I'm really considering it.
It would still have the same characters as originally planed but instead of all the kids leaving in the same town, there will be two different parts, the main one taking place in England and centering on Kei, Satoshi and Kyoshi . Then one in japan centering on Kasumi, her brother Naoki , Yuuka and Natsuki who was gonna be shown later on. The stories will intertwine in various points and acts as a prequel to much more mature comic which I won't start for quite a while.

Anyway, I'd like feed back on what you all think about it before I commit to restarting the comic. And please keep in mind that I can guarantee the story will be much better.

Thank you