Episode 2: Jailbreak

Jayfri on June 28, 2009

Coverdale got shot due to his lame jokes, i think he is dead now.. and Glover is not but maybe soon. But is there law saying jokes can kill or be killed if its not funny, and that bulk officer just shot Coverdale, is that even legal, oh maybe it's the Mexican way of goodbye. Now once that door has shut, there is no way out. Is there really gonna be a jailbreak? And how? Hope Ian Glover enjoyed his stay if its forever. Maybe he will stay in there till his reach 40 then do the jailbreak? Or Maybe he the zombies will reach him and save him. Zombies can't swim, they are rotten bodies. There are sharks in open sea, oh great zombie sharks, that could be a great story to tell next.. We will see what next on the next update….

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Check it out, its a childhood fantasy… Nothing bloddy like Ian Glover, its some fun kids stuff but no it is not manga..