#1: It begins.

extremejon on June 28, 2006

Inside jokes: Clan was always yabbering about Hillary Duff and Yu-Gi-Oh and sonic. And he hates Jellob.

Don't worry guys, it isn't a stick figure comic forever, eventually it will be made useing 3D models for Garry's Mod9. At the time I type this message, I have 12 or so 3D episodes of this comic.

EDIT: Oh, and here's the description. I should put it on the first comic since It explains alot…

A comic based on inside jokes from http://forum.hrwiki.org. Clan is a guy that kept bugging people to put him in their fanfics/comics. Most people hated him, so to be different I decided to give him his own comic just for the heck of it.