Chapter 03 Page 27

CZweig on Feb. 21, 2013

Oh no, it's Dietrich's two mortal enemies: being social, and common sense. Namely, the common sense to not talk to this guy.
I am sorry I did not update last week! I've got a bit of paid work on my plate, it's got a deadline and takes priority, I couldn't manage the time to squeeze an update out on time. It's nearly done though, so I don't anticipate missing any more! To make it up to you, I'll show you this thing, it's called Charahub and it's fun. I have one! This is mine. It has some?????? CA characters on it so far, haven't put 'em all up because, once again, got some other priorities. But it is fun and you should make one and then show me yours so I can see it. c: