josfern on March 8, 2012

First update in a long time. I kind of dropped the ball on the comic here and I'm very sorry about that. I've kind of had a lot going on the last few months but I'm working on getting a handle on it.
I've missed you guys while I was away. I've been working on comics and drawing like a madman, just haven't been able to scan anything. I found my wacom again (just moved) so i'm likely going to be using that for most strips since I don't have to worry about scanning. to preserve my own sanity and to make sure that you guys actually get to see some comics, I'm going to updating once a week probably on wednesdays as it's right in the middle of the week. I have a pretty good buffer going right now, so it should all go as planned.
Please bear with me these next few weeks as I get some actual page design done, use a unified format for my strips and try to improve my wacom skills.
Thanks for all the support and comments, it's what keeps me doing this and I love you guys for it.
-Joe Leandro Fernandes