Zapf Dingbat

darth_paul on June 21, 2016

This guy began life as what was intended to be another alter-ego for my White Bat character from the Super-Mutant Nine. I had a story idea where the generally serious Bat would have an accident where he hit his head or something and he would develop this zany split personality and start dressing like you see above and doing all kinds of crazy things, but still being a hero, just like some of the more goofball heroes out there in comics and cartoons. I also had the idea that he would be eventually cured of his predicament, and go back to being his usual serious self, but every once in a while the personality of Zapf Dingbat would resurface either through another hit on the head or just a really bad headache or whatever. The more that I thought about how good this idea was, though, the more I also thought that it might be even better if I just developed the concept for a completely different character and it could be his mentally unstable brother instead of the White Bat himself, and I created an origin for him where he had a physical deficiency where he could not tolerate the extreme cold of his home planet like others of his kind can, so he camped out in the frigid wilderness to build up his tolerance and while he did succeed, he also came out a bit bonkers from exposure to the cold. Thus, he re-named himself after the popular symbol font and set out to become his own hero just like his older bro.