I z u m i on Aug. 31, 2011

yeah. um. XD
creepy people are creepy. ;D
not much else to say on the matter.
sorry if I've been boring lately with all the fanart. my creativity is at an all time low. this page was random beyond belief. but I liked it. you guys have no idea how many comic pages i reject because even I find them ridiculous! AND IT'S ME WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. XD I laugh at anything, honestly. you make a funny face and I will like pee myself. XD; 
@Deraymou - well I'm friends with a lot of people who love south park and this slash pairing. XD so I guess it is popular? I'm not really in the fandom. that was a gift to my bestie lol. they were fun to draw and thats all I know. XDDDD