Chapter 1, page 24

alschroeder on Jan. 9, 2011

Having had it very easy over the last few months that this crossover has been running - sitting back and watching the awesome work by my fellow toonists roll in - it's now my turn to step up to the batter's block (or “crease” as we prefer to say in Australia)… GULP!

Mindmistress and Energize have just catwalked into the Magellan universe and find themselves in the tender loving care of Magellan Island's Security officers. In true crossover spirit they reference one of Mindmistress' earlier, somewhat disastrous, visits - recounted in “Buying the Stairway to Heaven” in which she inadvertently brings a megalomaniac ball of immortal energy to the Magellanverse.

For those unfamiliar with my webcomic Magellan, it has a vast supporting cast and these two security guards are but a small part of that line-up. Previously they've had only minor background parts, usually chasing things, chaperoning people around and/or just guarding stuff… and it's no different here! The female's name is Macey (first or last? I haven't decided), she was introduced on page 4.158 and as you'll notice there she also has rubbery/elasticity powers. Many security guards at Magellan are superpowered non-superhero types. The short guy is Mort, and he was first seen on page 4.55 (although he's only just received his name courtesy of this Crossoverkill page), other than being a wiseguy he doesn't have any specific powers.

Anyway, enough of the referency self-indulgence - it's been great fun to work on this slice of the project, especially to have another chance to draw Mindmistress and, for the first time, Energize. It's also given me the chance to add more detail to the Magellanverse which I hope fans of Magellan especially will really enjoy. There's another twelve pages to go - that's right… 12! In order to fit them all into the schedule Crossoverkill will be updating Monday thru Friday this week and Monday thru Thursday for the next two weeks. See you tomorrow as Energize gets his first good look at the reality he's been transported to!