Chapter 1, Page 38

alschroeder on Feb. 7, 2011

From Essaybee, creator of FUSION:

“As you all guessed, Savunn was indeed tempting the Fates with her last comment
on the previous page.

”The two villains appearing in the first two panels are some tech-based villains
from Fusion's universe who haven't appeared in Fusion. (They're actually notable
villains from Riveter's Rogue's Gallery.) The guy in the red suit is part of the
Doppleganger Gang and is named Firebomb; if his suit reminds you of Thermo (from
Issue #4 of Fusion), that's because he's actually sort of an “early model” of
Thermo (and Firebomb will be referred to later in the current issue of
Fusion–but you saw him first here in Crossoverkill). The sickly looking chap
tinkering with the explosive device is nicknamed Techie Tim.

“Well, the fun and games are over for Savunn and her friends (poor gal never
seems to get a break), but don't worry–she may have some unexpected help (and
I'm not talking about the other Crossoverkill heroes). Tune in Friday to find
out who else is at the show!”

BTW, Thermo first appeared on this page in FUSION. Please note that the next update will be on Friday.—Al