Chapter 4, Page 38

alschroeder on April 24, 2012

Who better than Ben, creator of the Knight, Ultra, and the Icons to draw the Icons confronting Vector's fleet. The Icons are this world's JLA/Avengers, the premier super-team. Knight has worked WITH them before, but he's not an official member.
Of course, Mindmistress met Ultra during the course of CROSSOVERLORD. 
From Ben: “Ok guys. My illustrator is on the fritz. I'm gonna have to upgrade from CS3 to
CS5.5 in the next few days, I think. I MIGHT not be able to finish Thursday's
on time. I was able to get this page done using the snip tool, not ideal I
know.”  I think he did a very good job, considering, but we'll just have to see about this Thursday, okay? –Al