alschroeder on June 4, 2013

“To say goodbye is to die a little.”
― Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye
We started this story on 10-10-10. Over two and a half years later, we bring it to a close.
Oh, we may add some other pages. RedDeath wants to add a few pages of what the Captain is doing in the Badverse. Neil may add some pages with Energize and Dasien.

But this–is the end of the combined “team” story.

It's been an amazing run. We've had a lot of fun, and a lot of arguing among oursevles, and a lot of coordinating, to get this done. Some who contributed a lot, like Aisaku, are sadly no longer with us.

It's been a ball working with each others' characters, playing in each others' worlds, and making up new ones to travel into. It was a ball thinking up the Doppelganger Gang and Ruinworld and working on a long storyline–and seeing it come all together.

You are some of the smartest readers we could ask for, and your comments were read, appreciated, and sometimes incorporated into the story.

But all things end—sooner or later.

Opening the floor to comments and questions from you, and recollections by the other creators involved.

So…have a question?