Page 8

craJEEmonkey on July 11, 2006

Woot. Got page 8 up! *Rejoices* And sorry for anyone who`s confused. All questions are welcome.

Summary so far:

Kiyoko was about to ask Hiru something, but right then, a boy interrupted. He was obviously turned down, and shoved away from Kiyoko`s conversation with Hiru.

After entering the school together, Kiyoko leaves Hiru to get to class and Hiru goes to put away her shoes. At that time, a boy passing by, notices Hiru. He obviously knows who SHE is, but Hiru has no clue who the boy is. Devastated at this, he cries out.

And now, here`s the 8th page. :]

And thanks everyone! Your comments make me feel really.. “motivated”! ^^