#516 Secret Entrance

Hawk on Oct. 8, 2015

Thank you to everybody who has voted in the two polls on the main site so far.  The Male poll has gone about like I expected, and the Female poll has been especially fun to watch.  Foxx's high numbers surprised me a bit, since I feel like I haven't really given her a chance to shine yet (but she will!).  And I wonder if Sunny would have fared differently if we had done the polls before recent events.  Whatever the case, it has been fun and informative.  And I really appreciate those who listed their reasons in the comments…  It tells me a lot about how characters are perceived.  It's sometimes hard to know if readers regard the characters in the same way the author does.  I think it should always be the author's goal to make it so they do.
The polls will remain up for a while for any other votes to come in.  In the meantime, streaming on Picarto.tv has also been a lot of fun, and it serves as another way to give feedback, chat with me, or just see how the comic is made.