Chapter 13 Page 9 - Incognito, In a dress

Evil Emperor Nick on April 11, 2012

You know I'm watching a large number of shows right now.  I usually rarely watch TV when it is actually current only getting shows later when they come out on DVD and the cost of those DVDs drop.  I can't stand to watch commercials and don't have any sort of cable TV.  However at the present I find myself watching some great animated programs Adventure Time, Legend of Korra and MLP-Friendship is Magic (I also watch Grimm which is the only non-animated show I'm watching right now).  As you can see I'm a pretty heavy fan of quality and imaginative animation but what is lacking from this list?  Anime!  Anime on TV has really had some weak offerings lately with nothing like Tri-Gun, Cowboy Bebop, Gundam, Big-O, Tenchi Muyo, Tsukagi Ran or any of the other quality works I used to watch only a few years ago.  Instead they've all been replace with low cost limited animation shows only a few of which are actually funny. However there is hope!  Cartoon Network and William Street hit a nerve with their April Fools gag of the return of Toonami and the fan response has been huge!  If you enjoy anime please add your voices to the many other fans letting Cartoon Network know people want Toonami back.  I'd actually go out and buy cable TV for the first time ever in Toonami returned and I know other people are just as passionate but I don't think cartoon network knows given their recent trend towards reality TV.
Check out Marz Gurl's video on it if you would like to hear more about it and please Tweet about Toonami or better yet write to Cartoon Network.