Chapter 13 Page 23 - NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW!!!!

Evil Emperor Nick on July 6, 2012

ANNOUCEMENT:  This is long over due but chapter 13 will be the last CQ chapter on Drunk Duck.  I'm sick of getting attacked by the ads on this site and with no sign of improvement I am going to be moving Cwen.  I get paid this week and plan to use some of that money to secure a domain and hosting for Cwen's Quest.  So after we finish out chapter 13, there will be no further updates on drunk duck.  I will miss the duck, it has been the host for almost every single one of my comics and I've stayed this long for Amelius's sake but finally I'm at a breaking point.  Since Voltz left, no one has had the vision or the passion to make DD better and moreover it has gotten progressively worse for readers and creators alike.  I wish DD well but I can no longer be a part of it.  I will understand if anyone does not wish to follow Cwen to its new home, but I really hope you will join us wherever we end up.
I'll post up another annoucement when I have the new site setup and ready for readers and I ask in advance for patience with any issues we have in setting up the new site and establishing Cwen there.  Thank you.