Cy-Boar: Jungle Fury! Page 1

Graz73 on April 23, 2009

This is it! The beginning of a new Cy-Boar story! I've been looking forward to this one for a few years now!

Be sure to check out updates to the site:
# Over on the right of this page, you can now buy products from the CY-STORE! Books, Magazines, T-Shirts… more to come as well…

# THe “Extras” section has been updated with lots of new fan art and guest art. Go check out some of this phenomenal talent.
# The “Archive” section has also been updated. Now you can easilly read every story that is on this site from there.
# THe Forum link has been changed. Instead of my former unreliable forum solutions, I've now got a link to the fun and very active EYESKREAM forums. Check it out! ,