Unfinished page - what does it look like?

cyaziris on April 16, 2010

Originally from the actual comic pages, the unfinished page 050 plus my story. I can make a series with production stages sometime soon as well.

Original comments:
Yes. It's unfinished. I know. I'll finish it up next weekend, I promise. The problem is that I have only the weekend to access the computer I use to edit my pages, the one that has Photoshop CS2 on it. I commute between my parents' place and my own, on two sides of the country, and the PC at my student toom isn't capable of running CS2. So, I only have the weekend.

An this weekend, I used saturday to sleep long because I had some sleep problems on thu-fri night, and sunday…. I spent playing games with my brother. (He has the expansion to Titan Quest in. It's fun.)

Also, this is the fiftieth page of the comic! (excluding the front cover of the volume) Yay! I never thought I'd actually keep going this long…

So, my apologies for ufinished page. SFX and toning yet to come, so it looks a bit flat, but this approximates what the freshly rawn pages look like.
I draw everything in pencil first, on quality paper, so that the drawigns work out nice. Then, because they're double-sided (expensive paper) and rather thick, I copy them on my inkjet, then I put those copies on the lightbox with a sheet of smooth and thick paper, and ink it with a CD-marker. Those don't blotch or bleed and they make very nice black lines.
Then, I scan them in - no text is on them. I just write in the text I want on the pencil ones very lightly so that I know what my characters are saying, but it doesn't mess up the lineart. Then, once scanned, I put in straight borderlines for the panels, put in the text, resize it and then start the toning. Finished page goes to you.

So yeah, it's quite a bit of work. and it results in 3 paper copies of the same page, one in pencil, one simple copy and one inked page.
-Posted on Mar 17, 2010