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DarkKyo on Dec. 3, 2013

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04 Dec 2013 02:26 pm - No update for nearly a

I don't think anyone is is reading but if you are then know niether i or this
comice is dead.I just have no acess to my scanner to scann pages but I am still
drawing this very slowy but stil doing.I will stick with this till the very
end.I realy like my character and need to prove to myself a little something.SO
is you read this this comice is still going hopefull I migh not promise be able
to start updating agian next year.SO keep you fingers crossed and be on the look
out.:) We'll see were this train wreck in going and if I can improve as and
artist and a story teller.So yeah hopefully I will see someone or at least
update sooen.
With love,
Fred…..I mean Kyo.Yeah I'm Kyo not Fred!I
didnt' shave that dog!Honest.