deano_inabiskit on Dec. 25, 2006

First page, bit of an introdution of the characters which may be appearing most often. Bit of stuff to read. Ooh! Disclaimer!

In 2006 SketchBattle was bought from Sambro by Flamingkinkos and Zach of SMBC.

This is the only fact that will appear in this comic.

From this point on, consider everything you read, hear and/or smell coming from this direction a work of fictional parody and fantasy. All personas or drawsonas appear (mostly) with permission, but their opinions, (mis)actions and fashion sense are not and must not be construed as their own, no matter how close to the truth it may seem.


Episode 4: A New Hope

Satisfied after joining efforts with Kinkos to wrestle control of SketchBattle away from Sambros clutches, Zach resumes his normal occupation of running his comic, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. 16 year-old squillionarre playboy Kinkos wants to be more hands-on at SketchBattle HQ and begun the expensive process of flying every member from around the world to join together and be able compete in sketchbattles face to face in friendly competition, hopefully one day making sketchbattles the one way of settling global disputes, breaking down language barriers, ending all wars and thus, bringing world peace. He's got a lot a lot of shit to push uphill, considering the laziness, rebelliousness and general retardry of the average sketchbattler. The possibility of dire consequences is multiplied by Sambros refusal(now no longer administrator) to actually leave, but Kinkos is much too kind and tolerant to kick him out, but he senses the potential danger and summons, perhaps, the only person who might be able to deal with Sambro, the self exiled and legendary SketchBattle champion Deemo.